Basket of Apples with Logo WELCOME! FIRST FRUITS LIVING MINISTRIES was founded upon Acts 17:28—For in Him, we live and move and exist.  The premise is simple…our lives should move and exist totally around the LORD. As women, we are constantly on the lookout for a way to do life better. I believe God hard-wired us that way—always striving toward self-improvement. We want to have a more consistent quiet time with the Lord. We want to experience more active prayer lives. We want to develop more healthy eating practices and make better choices. We want to be more fit. We want to be more organized, live more clutter-free lives, and use our time more wisely. We want more time with friends and family. We want more energy. IT’S A LOT to want!!! Often times, we just throw up our hands and wave the white flag of surrender. FIRST FRUITS LIVING MINISTRIES exists to connect and inspire women to place Christ at the helm of all those wanting-mores in life. God wants to do far more than we ask or imagine,” but we must do the asking.
The Christian walk should not be done alone! There is power in numbers and we will learn together how to grow and experience the transformed life that God intended for us. The end result? Captured hearts and intentional lives—lives that more fully reflect the image of Christ. We are walking testimonies and, as such, we must live a life that others will want to emulate. (Read THIS POST to hear a testimony of how a few lives well lived brought ME to Christ!)
So, where do you start?  Ephesians 2:10 tell us that we are God’s masterpiece and He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. A great start would be to click HERE and download the Scriptures provided. They are a wonderful tool that will get you rooted in God’s Word. Carry them with you. Memorize them.
As I have spoken to women over the years, the BIG 3 concerns always come up:
Knowing God more fully
Improving health and fitness
Organizing lives and homes
Let’s face it–if we are not first and foremost focused on the Lord, the next two issues will never be resolved. Being healthy and fit enables us to do the “good things” for which God created us! Being organized helps us accomplish the first two. If you are one of those women who want the BIG 3, you can begin anew today and really make a difference in your life–for God’s glory! Let’s give God all we’ve got and receive all He’s got in return! More of Him and less of us—that’s what we want the world to see in our lives!  
Jackie Davis Founder