It starts with the foundational verse…For in HIM we live and move and exist (Acts 17:28).  We are made in His image. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He cares for us more than we care for ourselves. He is not far from any one of us who know His name. He has His eye upon us at all times. The continuance of our lives is owed to Him. We cannot stir a hand, move a foot, or say a word without considering Him, as we are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him. HE is the foundation of Fueled & Fit…for GOD.  IF we can keep within us this mindset and focus…that it is with Him and for Him that we keep ourselves healthy and fit, we are more than halfway to the finish line!

Our health is a package deal.  Just eating right won’t produce the healthy results and goals we all wish to attain. We’ve also got to move!! Of course, all that moving isn’t enough to keep you out of the doctor’s office if your menu choices tend to include donuts, burgers, and fries!  You have to include both in your health program!  Fueled & Fit equips you to wrap that package right up by offering you both!

Fueled for GOD is the nutritional component of our program and Fit for GOD is the fitness component.  See below for more detail on both programs.

The Various Programs and “Challenges” Offered Throughout the Year




The Fueled & Fit Challenge is our “go-to” Challenge Program. It usually runs for 40 days and always begins with a “kick-off” dinner. This challenge is closely linked to the Diet Key Page, as participants choose which “Diet Level” they will follow during the 40-Day Challenge.










The Praying, Praising & Planking Challenge is one of our most beloved challenges to date! It is 21 days of doing just what the title suggests…praying, praising & planking! A three-fer! Multi-tasking at its best!!! If you’ve been in the fitness world at all, I’m sure you have heard of the many benefits of planking! In fact, when done properly, planks are one of the BEST WAYS to build strength and stability in your core.  Go to the Praying, Praising & Planking Challenge Page to read more about it!!





Fueled & Fit EDGE
is our newest Challenge Program. 
It runs for 90 days, which also makes it out longest challenge. Why “EDGE?” The program is set up to give you just that—an edge—an upper hand or advantage—right at the beginning of your journey.  You immediately have ALL the tools you require!  There is nothing to stop you from getting on the road to great health and wellness.  No excuses.  Nothing to hold you back.  This program enables you to get your ducks in a row and get a strategy set in place as soon as you hit that sign-up button! So…the EDGE–you have it.  All you must do is make use of it!






The Fueled for GOD program is available for free and has six levels of participation from which you may choose. For an explanation of each Diet Level of participation, please visit go to firstfruitsliving.com and click on the DIET LEVEL KEY image. All of the “TOOLS” on the red bar (i.e., Recipe Index, Meal Planning, Shopping List Generator, and User Menu Creation) are available and may be utilized for each participation level. 

If you are interested in the program, you may request a copy of the downloadable materials, that are the basis for all the Diet Levels, by going to the CONTACT PAGE and requesting materials by using the “Request for Fueled for GOD Materials” form.

As noted above, several times per year, we host several challenges. These challenges run anywhere from 21-90 days. They are free, except for the kick-off dinner, and consist of the following (varies by challenge):

  • Kick-Off Dinner held at Christ Chapel, Bandera (Cost is $5-$10). This is the ONLY cost to the challenge. All materials and classes are free!
  • Group support by joining the Fueled & Fit private Facebook Group
  • Email support
  • Classes on website usage, meal prep, and cooking
  • Group meeting support (not mandatory)
  • Recipe Index and Website Tools for Meal Planning, Shopping List Generator, and User Menu Creation
  • One-on-one coaching and guidance by certified nutritionist

Note: IF you are not local to the Bandera area, you may participate off-site and receive ALL of the above perks via email, Skype, etc. The only benefit you cannot participate in will be the kick-off dinner. GO TO THE CHALLENGE TOOLS PAGE FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTION AND INFORMATION.






The Fit for GOD program is the fitness component of “Fueled & Fit” for GOD and is available for a donation of $2 per week! I know, right? That cost even INCLUDES CHILD CARE, which is available for most classes!!! Locally, classes are held at Christ Chapel of Bandera. (If you are not a local, please see “NOTE” below regarding setting up free, online coaching.) For a current schedule of classes, go HERE

There are many classes from which to choose and ALL classes can be modified to fit ALL fitness levels! We offer Barre, kettlebell, medicine ball, fit stretch, and indoor walking classes. To review and download a schedule go to firstfruitsliving.com and click on the “Fit for GOD” tab on the red menu bar.

Note: IF you are not local to the Bandera area, you may participate off-site. Workouts will be sent to you via email and you will receive one-on-one coaching via email and Skype, etc.

BOTH the Fueled for GOD AND Fit for GOD Ministries are supported by a quarterly newsletter. You may sign up to receive the newsletter by going to the First Fruits Ministries Facebook Page. Simply click on the “Sign Up” button.