Fueled & Fit Challenge READY, SET, GO!

Fueled & Fit Challenge READY, SET, GO!

This is the eve of your start day for the Fueled & Fit EDGE 90-Day Challenge! YAY! I’m so excited for this challenge to begin!  Just a few things to get prepared for your first day tomorrow.


Those documents will get you started on your 21 Day Sugar Free journey!

I have filled out my Sugar Free Covenant and it looks like this–

Sugar Free Covenant













As you can see, I’ve opted to keep a few things like Stevia, RxBars, some dairy (cheeses), whole grains, and organic popcorn for that occasional snack-time. I’ve also kept “red-skinned potatoes” in my diet, as they do not raise your blood sugar as “white potatoes” do and they are included in some of the recipes I plan to include in my diet.  When you work out your covenant, really “work it out” and make it your own so you can stick to your plan.

Now on to the Sugar Free Meal Planner. I plan on keeping my meal planning fairly simple. Of course, I’ll be starting each day with my lemon water!! As far as my meals, I am going to be following a “meal plan” that I put together earlier. It is low-carb in nature and has some really great recipes that are easy to make. However, for my first few days, I’m going to keep my diet really simple because I haven’t made it to the grocery store yet:) My breakfasts will mainly consist of hard-boiled eggs, an apple, RxBars, etc. Lunches will be strictly meat and veggies, coupled with cauliflower rice. (I will be using the frozen and quick-to-make verions of veggies and cauli-rice.) I also have a great stock of frozen veggies right now and will make good use of those before going to the grocery store. 

Then, next week, I will be following that meal plan I mentioned above, which you can access HERE.  When you get to that page, pull all the way down until you get to the meal plan called “FUELED & FIT CHALLENGE LOW CARB MEAL PLAN (AKA “EDGE”). It will be the last one on the page. You can click around on it to view and print out the recipes, etc. (There are instructions on the page regarding generating a shopping list, printing the menu plan, printing the recipes, etc.)

Okay, so that takes care of the covenant and meal planning part of the challenge. I hope you are excited and that you have been prayerful as you begin this time of cleansing.

I would highly recommend that you download these SCRIPTURE CARDS and keep them before you. I will be reading over these verses each and every day BEFORE I begin my day!!! It really does help to set your mind before your day begins!!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
(Psalm 139:14)