Prayer Requests

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Confidence15April 14, 2017Details
my son, my business, my husband13April 11, 2017Details
Untitled15April 9, 2017Details
Grandson16January 18, 2017Details
Allan and Tracy18January 16, 2017Details


monica jimenez
Hello Ladies, As I become closer to recieving my asst. in business I grow more and more less confident that I am unable to reach the end. Something with in myself tells me Im not good enough. Please help me pray that I find a way to balance the last eight weeks of school, and manage to keep working out and attending my childrens functions and to be there for my husband they way he expects me to be there for him. I need strength as now I feel to weak to achieve my long term goals. You women have been the best to me, and I love all of you I have meet through fit for god. God works through us in so many ways its so amazing. See yall soon. Monica Jimenez

my son, my business, my husband

please pray for my son who is 33 years and need to find the right job, start working, help him find the right girl and they will be happy and prosperous life together, please help please help me with my business do well, I am so worried and stressed out, I don't know what to do. Please pray for my husband not have cancer. I am constantly worried, anxiety, failure in my life regarding the above problems I have, I am 65 years old, please help me, I am begging for your prayers. thank you


Billie Hood
My 54 year old daughter, Denise Hood Strickland will be having open heart surgery in Houston to replace Arotic Valve on April 18th @ 7:30 Am. We will be with her and her husband Randal Strickland until we all can come back to Midland. 15 to 18 days. Would appreciate you and others keeping her and family in your prayers for successful surgery and recover. Thank you and our group so much. I will try to post on group face book updates as best I can. We will be driving to Houston on the 16th and she will have a cath on the 17th for preparation for her surgery.


June Baker
Pierce has been involved with drugs in the past, now rebelling against parents. Please pray continually for the Westerfield family.

Allan and Tracy

Please pray for Allan and Tracy as they navigate the terrifying path of new cancer diagnosis. May the Lord give them strength and equaminity in the rough days ahead.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.