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Foot and family friend8September 21, 2017Details
Untitled9September 7, 2017Details
Son has some financial difficuly14August 11, 2017Details
my son, my business and my husband19August 8, 2017Details

Foot and family friend

Amber Burns
Last week I injured my foot due to falling off my deck, (missing the last 2 steps). This past Monday I went to the doctor, cause after a week it still wasn't getting any better. After having X-rays done, I found out it wasn't broken (which I kinda knew), but that I had tendon damage, and detieriation of my ligaments/cartilage. So, they referred me to a orthopedic doctor/surgeon next Wednesday for a follow-up. And go from there. Also, on Monday afternoon, a long time family friend of ours (I went to school with her boys) passed away very unexpectedly. She had a bad fall, became severely dehydrated, and had a horrible seizure and never came out of it. Some of you may not no, but I have lived a life with seizures since I was 10 years old! So this hit me VERY hard. Not a day goes by that I don't worry about what if that were to happen to me? So if you could just please pray for a good doctor appointment for my foot next week, and most importantly my my sweet friends and their family during this difficult time. Thank you!


Kim Richardson
Please pray for my mother-n-law, Joanie. She was taken to the hospital and is in a state of confusion and loss of memory. Thank you, Kim

Son has some financial difficuly

My son Aaron is being his first year of teaching. But has ran out of money before school even gets started. And still has fees that have to paid. They didn't tell him about most of these until he went to orientation today. I told him to give it to the Lord. He will direct his path. He needs the confidence and faith. He is quite nervous with having enough money and resources for his impending wedding, finding a place for him and Belle.

my son, my business and my husband

I am sorry to be asking again, but I don't know what else to do, no matter how hard I pray, nothing seems to be working. Help my son start working, find right girl in his life so they can be happy and prosperous life together. Help me with my business do well, no matter what steps I take, nothing seems to be working. Please help find a buyer for business and they will do extremely well. Help my husband with prostate cancer surgery in September, and he will recover very quickly and have long healthy life. I am 67 years old and I cannot take all this pressure in my life, I am so stressed out, worry, failure, help please. thank you
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