Refueling Our Tanks!

As women, we all possess two areas–two tanks–that can run on empty.

First, we have that get-up-and-go area–our oomph, if you will–our energy level.

Second, there’s that more out-of-sight area–you know, the veiled one—the one we try to keep hidden from others–our emotional level.

Of course, both of these areas ebb and flow.
Our energy “tanks” become low through illness, lack of sleep, not eating the proper foods, not exercising, etc.  On the other hand, our emotional “tanks” deplete themselves in sneaky, less noticeable ways. You are excited about moving into a new home, you have a sister who is getting married, a child having a baby, family visiting for the holidays. All happy life-events, right? Yes, and all life-stressing events.  Down goes that emotional tank. We don’t even need to mention the unhappy events that will deplete our emotional tanks, do we? Those are not sneaky at all!!!

How about filling UP those tanks?
Those energy tanks can be filled back up fairly easily. We’re ill so we go to the doctor and get better. Lost some sleep? Take a nap and catch up. Been eating poorly?  Start a new diet and begin to watch what we eat.

However, those emotional tanks are a bit trickier to refresh. We can be energetic on the outside, but almost completely sapped and emotionally drained on the inside. We don’t even know we are on the edge until something pops up and throws us a curve—it can be the tiniest of things once you get to the point of emotionally running on empty. Your feelings get hurt over the smallest infraction on someone’s part. You begin to over analyze everything and want to control all of life’s events.

We need to learn how to refuel our emotional tanks BEFORE we reach that empty point! Our emotional tanks don’t empty out all at once, so we don’t notice how empty we’ve become until it’s almost too late to refuel!!

So, how can we do that? We need to be refueling WHILE things are depleting us not AFTER. Using the analogy of our car gas tanks–we don’t wait until they are totally empty before refueling. Same thing here–we can’t run on empty! It takes time to refill your emotional tank, so don’t wait too long to begin the process.

Let’s look at some examples of how we can refuel before running on empty.

  • Spend time with the Lord, reading the Bible, praying (these activities always tend to take a back seat when life gets hectic)
  • Make yourself a priority (everyone suffers when we are not at our best, so don’t feel like you are being selfish when you put yourself first and take care of yourself)
  • Make a date with yourself for some pampering time (pedicure, manicure, “me day”)
  • Exercise (this is also one of those things that takes a back seat when life gets busy)
  • Keep your diet clean (when we don’t eat the foods that “fuel” our bodies, every other area suffers)
  • Spend time being creative (activities you enjoy, such as gardening, crocheting, painting, reading, etc.)
  • Make a gratitude journal (it’s hard to stay down when you are being thankful)

You’ll be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, etc., when you are NOT running on an empty emotional tank and when your energy tank is full!! The people in your life deserve to have you at your best.

When your energy and emotional tanks are full you are refreshed, both in body and spirit. Your outlook is renewed. You are refocused on those things you hold dearest.

I will be filled with joy because of You.
I will sing praises to Your name, O Most High.

Psalm 9:2