One of the most difficult parts of healthy living is setting clear priorities and goals! Of course, there are many things you could do, but time is scarce, isn’t it?

So, begin today by asking yourself two questions.
“What are my top health goals?”
“What one healthy habit, if I stuck with it, would have a positive, even a ripple effect, in my life?

You probably won’t find one habit that works for all of your goals. No worries–progress not perfection. But, try to find one “healthy habit”  that sort of blankets or encompasses all of your health goals.  This action step can be very revealing.  It’s simple and it accomplishes one of our most favorite things as women–MULTI-TASKING!!!  Having one great, healthy habit that has multiple benefits attached to it, might just be the thing that gives you that extra drive to begin or keep going!

Once you have done the above exercise—Healthy Living Priorities=Healthy Living Goals=Healthy Living Changes—take a look at the “Goal Setting Tips for Healthy Living” article below.


1. YOU ARE THE BOSS…OF YOU!  S.E.L.F. — So many women neglect (or even feel guilty) spending time on self-care. There are lots of “advisors” out there to assist you, such as your doctor, a nutritionist or dietician, etc.  BUT, YOU are the one who ultimately determines if it actually happens AND how much effort you are going to put into it.  Your mindset really needs to be “team oriented,” with YOU as the head of that team!!  You are the “captain” and all those others simply guide and support you. They are your “team members” and advisors who help you make well-informed decisions. HOWEVER, THEY CANNOT DO IT FOR YOU!

2.  GOAL SETTING. — FIRST, find a quiet spot and brainstorm a bit. (Use the exercise above, as well.)  Spend some time in prayer, asking God to lead, direct, and help you in reaching your health goals. (YOU are His “workmanship” guaranteeing those prayers are in His will!)  Wandering aimlessly is never a good thing!  You need to have goals. However, they need to be apparent.  They need to be attainable.  Most importantly, they need to be coupled with a plan of action.

APPARENT GOAL SETTING. Having “apparent” goals means having goals that are specific. This comes in handy when something in life throws you off-kilter, causing you to reset (or even panic), without considering alternative options.  Outlining specific goals should include phrases like…”I will,” “I need to,” “I can.” Know where you stand…then stand firm!
NO:   Oh no, I have soccer practice with the kids every Tuesday evening.  Guess I’ll just have to skip my workouts and only go twice a week to exercise class.
YES:  Just remembered I have soccer practice with the kids on Tuesdays! I need to switch my exercise class days to Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

ATTAINABLE GOAL SETTING.  Outlining “attainable” goals means having goals that are realistic. Set your sights on losing 10-15 pounds at a time. Make your goals measurable.  There are so many tools available to accomplish this!
NO:   I’ve got so much weight to lose.  I’m fighting a battle I can never win. 
YES:  I’m going to lose 15 pounds in the next four months. So glad I cleaned out my pantry and grocery shopped so I’m ready to begin.

AN ACTION PLAN FOR YOUR GOALS.  Having goals with a plan of “action” attached makes all the difference in reaching those goals. Having set apparent and very specific goals, which are totally attainable, you will actually be excited to make a “plan of action!”  It’s always great to write things down so you can chart your progress.  Also, be sure and remove any barriers that stand in your way, making your path clear and defined. Be sure to reassess your plan of action after you have reached your initial goal so you can reset your goals, as needed.
EXAMPLE (removing barriers)
NO:   Oh no, it’s Monday and I really need some workout clothes before I can attend class. I’ll just start next week.
YES:  So grateful I made that list and got everything I needed to begin working out! I’m ready to go!!


ACCOUNTABILITY.  Be accountable to someone other than yourself and share your goal with at least one other person, like your spouse, friend, healthcare provider or a group of like-minded people. It always helps to share your successes and challenges. Also, buddy up for your exercise classes.  Consider hitching a ride (or being a “hitch) to class with someone else to keep you accountable.
BABY STEPS.  Be patient with yourself.  Make small, gradual changes in habits over time. (See introduction to this post.)  Real and lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. Lots of baby steps can lead to big results!
COMFORT.  Be personal in your health goals so that you feel comfortable with all that you have set forth. Don’t try to push yourself to do a type of exercise that you absolutely hate!   You will eventually find excuses not to do something if you feel miserable doing it, right?
DO NOT GIVE UP.  Be flexible with your health goals and be willing to change course.  Life can be unpredictable, and you may need to modify your goals, update your goals, or even put the goals you have set on hold. Do not give up!  Just keep moving forward, rather than backward, with your healthy lifestyle.

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