What Happened When I Prayed, Praised & Planked?

What Happened When I Prayed, Praised & Planked?

So, the Praying, Praising & Planking Challenge began on December 12th and ended on January 1st! Truly, I did NOT think I would EVER make it through! I mean, come on people…it was the “Holiday Season!” It could NOT have been a worse time to start ANY kind of challenge, much less a challenge that involved exercise, right? And, those one-minute-planks? I had tears streaming down my cheeks for five days, as I grunted my way through them. But, guess what? I truly got through them!! Couldn’t even believe it! Oh, make no mistake, IT HURT…it hurt a lot! But, it didn’t injure me!

Here’s what I learned when I Prayed, Praised, and Planked:
I learned that my body can do things I did NOT know it could.
I learned that I need to pray and praise every single day—it makes such a huge difference in my outlook on life!
I learned that I can form a habit when I am consistent and stick to something…I mean REALLY stick to something. (Even when my 14-year-old grandson is watching me.:) He even participated with me while he visited during the holidays. You know that show….”Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” Well, let’s just say that I’m actually a little stronger than a 14-year-old!! Now, that WAS amazing!!
I learned that it’s fun to do something different with the hubs. (He participated with me, too:)
I learned that I CAN get stronger, both mentally and physically, in a very short amount of time!

Here’s how my body reacted:
I lost 1.5 inches in my abdomen.
I lost .5 inches in my waist.
I lost 1 inch in my hips.
I lost 5 pounds. (This IS miraculous, since my eating habits were less than stellar during the holidays!)

I only skipped two days during the challenge, due to a busy schedule or company. HOWEVER, I actually made up the day by doing TEN PLANKS the following day. I even did TEN, 60-SECOND planks in one session when I missed a day! (That’s when the tears were rolling:)

This challenge has been very popular, so Fit for GOD will be hosting it again in just a few weeks, with a little tweaking here and there. So, keep checking back here and watching your inbox and our Instagram or Pinterest accounts for sign-up information.

Until then, keep on planking!!! Go HERE to read about all the benefits, etc.!